All hunts are 10 days and include non-resident hunting license, primary species tag, a wolf tag, trophy fee for one animal, transportation to and from Calgary International Airport and non-resident hunter preservation fund fees.

All funds listed in US Dollars. Price includes 2½% tax.

A nice billy at 100 yards - 2007.

Mountain Goat September 10th to November 5th $ 10000
This is for the hunter who wants a challenge. Get up into the mountains and go after these cliff dwellers. This hunt also makes a great combo with trophy mule deer and/or black bear. Rifle hunter success over the last seven years on goats is over 90%.
Grizzly Bear May 15th to June 10th $ 10000
Come and see the variety of color phases in our grizzlies, from dark silvertip to light blond. This hunt includes tags for 1 grizzly bear and 1 black bear, the trophy fee for a grizzly is an additional $3000, and the black bear trophy fee is included. Hunter success on grizzlies the last five years is 80%.
Mule Deer September 10th to November 10th $ 6500
For a beautiful experience, hunt the early season mule deer while they're still in the alpine summer feeding grounds. Although it can be cold, you can also hunt them a little later at a lower elevation when the rut is on.
Shiras Moose Bow only: September 1st to October 14th
Bow or rifle: October 15th to November 15th
$ 10000
With a very limited number of permits issued in our area, our shiras moose are a highly sought after trophy. This hunt also makes a great combination with trophy mule deer.
Black Bear May 10th to June 15th
September 10th to October 15th
2 Bears:  7 day hunt $ 4000
2 Bears: 10 day hunt $ 5000
Both in the spring after hibernation, and in the fall before it, the hair is good and makes a beautiful mount or rug. We hunt a high density bear area without stands or bait, so almost all of our hunting is spotting and stalking. This is an excellent hunt for bow hunters wanting to hunt bears on the ground.
Elk September 10th to October 20th $ 7000
We haven't hunted elk a lot over the last number of years, but the population is rapidly expanding, and an elk hunt now has an excellent chance of success, with a 6-point or better trophy season in effect for all hunters.
Cougar December 1st to January 31st $ 9500
With an increased cougar population in our area, there's an excellent chance at a great tom. We have another guide that runs the hunts on our area as well as adjoining territories with a great success rate.
Cost for non-hunting companion $ 1500

Trophy fee for each additional animal harvested is $1000, additional tags also extra.  No trophy fee will be charged for a harvested wolf. Hunts are also available on a two hunters per guide basis, subtract 15% off given rates for each hunter. Bow hunting only season is open for all fall species from September 1st to 9th. Shorter or longer hunts may also be available on request.

25% Deposit required to confirm booking, balance is due upon arrival. Deposit payable by certified cheque or money order only.

Tag Prices
Black Bear$ 180.00
Grizzly$ 1030.00
Mountain Goat$ 350.00
Moose$ 250.00
Elk$ 250.00
Deer$ 125.00
Cougar$ 230.00
Wolf$ 50.00
There is also a 5% tax on all tag prices.


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