Hunt Bear in the Canadian Rockies

Black Bear Hunts

Important: We are not offering Grizzly Bear hunts at this time.


Black bears are found in abundance in this area, and provide an entertaining spot and stalk hunt, with a high chance of success. The spring black bear hunt is usually 100% successful and in the fall the bears are normally hunted as part of a combo hunt, also with good success.

Grizzlies are only huntable in the spring and provide a hunter with a thrilling hunt in the avalanche chutes and logging areas of our area. Since we only get a very limited number of permits, we have had an excellent record on griz for the last five years. The population is growing and we look forward to many more years of good hunts.

The color phases of our mountain grizzlies are as varied as they are beautiful, from almost black, to blond, to classic silvertip. Although not typically as big as their coastal or northern relatives, the colors in these bears make them a great trophy.

Past Hunts

Grizzly Bear Hunts

Come and see the variety of color phases in our grizzlies, from dark silvertip to light blond. This hunt includes tags for 1 grizzly bear and 1 black bear, the trophy fee for a grizzly is an additional $3000, and the black bear trophy fee is included. Hunter success on grizzlies the last five years is 80%.

Grizzly Bear Hunts

Important: We are not offering Grizzly Bear hunts at this time. Both in the spring after hibernation, and in the fall before it, the hair is good and makes a beautiful mount or rug. We hunt a high density bear area without stands or bait, so almost all of our hunting is spotting and stalking. This is an excellent hunt for bow hunters wanting to hunt bears on the ground.

Grizzly Bear
Season Rate
May 15th to June 10th $10,000
Black Bear
Season Rate (2 bears)
May 10th to June 15th

September 10th to October 15th

7 day hunt $4,000
10 day hunt $5,000