Mountain Goats

Mountain goats are our specialty, with an average of 5 being taken every year at a success rate better than 90%. This is the ultimate for hunters that want a hunt that's a challenge and that they will never forget. From it's sharp black horns to it's luxurious white coat, a mountain goat is one of the most beautiful trophies you will find.


We had a great late September hunt, with Tracy and Doug from PA each harvesting good goats. Tracy also got a beautiful black bear, and Doug took home an elk.

Tracy from PA with his goat.

Doug from PA with his goat.

Here's a shot of Grant from Boston taking a well deserved break on the way up the mountain. Grant was bowhunting for goats in mid-September. Unfortunately we were unable to get him a goat, although we passed up a nanny early in the hunt.

We ran into some issues with snow and rain throughout October. This is Mark and I on top of Castle Mountain on the nicest day of our early October hunt for bow moose and goat. We're hiking in about 16 inches of snow on this day, and saw two goats as well as lots of tracks, but we're unable to connect.


Congratulations John on this 9.5 inch goat, especially because of the hard work it took and the extra night on the mountain because it was way down the wrong side!

A long day of waiting paid off for Howard with this 10 year old billy.

Last goat of the season! Tim and Troy worked hard for this fantastic billy, great job boys!

Fantastic job Ray and Warren! The hard work paid off!


2016-04-25 update: Just went to our annual banquet last weekend and won a belt buckle for best mountain goat entered in the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Congratulations again to Jesse Westphal on a great goat in 2014.


Kevin Owens harvested this beautiful 10" goat with his bow at 21 yards.

Congratulations to Tom Miskowski on this mid-September billy.

Scott Elliott was able to connect with this 10 " billy with great hair in mid-October.


Congratulations Jeff Herman on this nice archery billy in 2012.

Duane Brown took home this great billy on the eighth day as well as a big archery Moose on the sixth day of his early October hunt.

Eric Arnette was able to harvest this good goat on the third day of his hunt.


Congratulations Clayton Jensen on the biggest goat of 2011, with this 10 1/2 " billy.

Gary Vrba was able to take home this 10 year old billy on the 7th day of his hunt.

Despite some poor weather, Tim Salisbury shot this good billy on the 6th day of his September hunt.

On a hard second day of his hunt, Jeff Cook was able to take home this nice billy in early October.

On consecutive days in late October, Evan Martin (above) and Ken Weaver were each able to harvest beautiful, long haired billies.


Congratulations to Chris Blaskowski on this great 10 1/4" goat taken is September 2010.

Bryan Tate took home this good billy in 2010 as well.

Andy Zacharias came for Goat and Moose in November 2010, and was able to get this great 10" billy on the fourth day of his hunt as well as a huge 50" moose on the fifth day.


Harvey Hummel with his 2009 billy, which he took home as well as a nice 4 x 4 mule deer.

Congratulations to Doug Sampson on the biggest billy of 2009.

Dennis Collins of New Zealand with his October 2009 goat. He also took home a good black bear on this hunt.

A.D. with his second billy in the last four years. A.D. also took home a big 48" moose on this October hunt.

Congratulations Dave Schweitzer on this 10 year old billy in 2009.


Mark Murray.

Congratulation to John Hudgens.

Jack Shanks took home this great billy.


A nice nanny at 30 yards.

Congratulations Rocky on a great Pope & Young billy.

Phil took home this nice 10 year old billy.

Jacob was successful with his recurve in September.


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