Shiras Moose

We spot-and-stalk world class Shiras Moose in a great area. There is a limited number of permits available so make sure to book in time to secure your hunt. In addition, we hunt trophy mule deer during the same hunt to increase the opportunity for a successful trip.


Congratulations to Ivan on this great moose on my last hunt of the season, 50 inches wide with a tri-fork brow tine on each side.


Bryce got off to a bad start when he broke his bow on the first morning of his hunt, but thanks to a friend of ours who had an extra bow around, he was able to get this awesome moose with a LONG BOW!! Great job Troy for putting him in the right place at the right time!



Duane Brown was able to put a great shot into this big 51" moose with his bow on the sixth day of his hunt. Duane was also able to take home a beautiful 9 year old billy with his rifle two days later.


Congratulations to Andy Zacharias on this huge 50" Shiras Moose the day after shooting a great 10" goat in November, 2010.


A.D. Delgado shot this great Moose in 2009, one of six different species that he's taken with Beaverfoot Outfitting on three hunts in the last five years.


In addition to his spring grizzly, Dirk Ewing took this shiras moose with his bow in the fall of 2008.


Jim shot this huge Shiras Moose with his bow in October, 2007.


Congratulations Scott on a nice bull in the snow - 2006.


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