How soon will we get back to you?

We will do our best to reply to any emails or phone calls within one week. We ask for your patience and co-operation in this matter, as we live out in our territory, where there is limited phone service.

What is the best way to get here?

The closest airport to us is Calgary International Airport. We will pick you up there at no extra cost.

What about references?

We will be happy to provide the names and phone numbers of hunters who have hunted the species you are interested in with us in the past.

What gear should I bring?

Bring along a sleeping bag, backpack, rain clothes, good boots and any other gear you might find necessary for weather that can include snow or rain. Mule deer and goat hunters will be hiking in the mountains, where the weather can change quickly, so layers are recommended. Click here for a more comprehensive gear list.

What calibre gun do I need?

You can bring just about any calibre that you are comfortable with, although we recommend nothing smaller than a .243 for goat, deer and black bear, and a minimum of .270 for elk, moose, and grizzly. The most common rifles we’ve seen are 7mm Mag. and .300 Win. Mag, both of which have been very effective. As with all hunts, shot placement is more important than the size of the gun.

What is the average shot distance?

As can be expected, the shot distance can vary dramatically, but we don’t like to take shots more than 300 yards, and most shots are 150 to 250 yards. Normally we like hunters to sight in their guns at 200 yards, and to know the ballistics of their rifle and ammunition out to 400 yards.

How many hunters do you normally take at once?

We normally only have a maximum of four hunters hunting from our lodge at any one time, and usually less. We don’t want to have our hunters getting in each other’s way.

How many hunters does each guide take?

We prefer to take one hunter per guide, but if requested, we will take two hunters per guide.

What about bow hunting?

We’ve taken quite a few bow hunters over the years, primarily for goat, with fair success, although most of our hunters swear it’s physically the hardest thing they’ve ever done. We also have a lot of black bears around, and a spot and stalk spring archery hunt for black bear can be very exciting.